Friday, 3 June 2011

Cain & Abel. Wikielicks cables; 'The White House'

Officially, i shouldn't reply you
Personally, i think i must
because i've always been a democrat
so i've made this an unofficial correspondence
and yes, from the 'White House'
I still wonder why the 'White' makes you feel 'bad'
It really is 'White' and it's a 'good' place to live
especially for a 'blackman'..
I don't acquiesce to that bit about us being brothers..
'cuz you ain't black and you def ain't no nigger!'
Pardon the outburst in vernacular, i get like that sometimes when angry
Most assuredly, you, unflinchingly are an 'extremist'
i didn't put much stock in extremes before now
but that was before the 'White House'
If i seem to constantly use the word 'White'
it's not deliberate..i just can't help not reminding myself it's true
i'm really in the 'White House'; a black man!
Forgive the impromptu digression..and back to matters of state
i'm still very comfortable in the 'White House'
Four more years wouldn't be unwelcome
and there you were at 'Abbottabad'
feeling 'good' after being 'bad'
a cheap price to pay for a priceless stay
so i had to trade the 'pawn' to 'stay' the 'castle'
I've also read Macchiavelli; 'The Prince'
so 'good' prevailed over 'evil'...again
My empathy, if that notion irks you
it is what it is and that's what the people are saying
it's a democratic world afterall!
Pertaining us being of the same world..
I concur,
though i strongly feel the 'present' one suits you better..
with your 40 virgins which i have no need of
i have the 'First woman' in the universe..that's the sore fact!
But since i wrote the 'Audacity of Hope'..keep hoping then!
N.B. There will be no 'White House' seal on this communique, security policy prohibits its use for 'extremists'.

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