Thursday, 28 July 2011


It's not the 'itch' that drives my hand to write
nor plenty ink which lowers my pen to paper height
It's the flame of cause, of a course i curse
Of course, my cause, my 'cross' and yours too..probably
I still hear her 'no', it echoes...
and no, i won't describe the sound it makes
even that hurts.

Though closer are we than sleep is to death
She still won't marry me
..and love is supposed to be 'all things?'

She's from the 'Clapping' clan and i; of the 'Bowing' band
Mine's the 'Crescent', Her's the 'Cross'
Though, together we bear it

Our fate(s) has been double-'crossed'
not just ours, yours truly too
but some will pretend they can't see the truth

Were these rules for us?, or for 'Titus?'
I can see 'Phillippians', 'Ephesians', 'Galatians' but no 'Africans!'
Where exactly is the 'Writ' that 'Crescent' and 'Cross' should not mate?

I know i soon will be advised to keep silent and hold my faith
lest i be condemned to 'Hades' fate
Yet, had 'Galileo' kept his mouth...
The 'Cross' would still have us believe the 'Earth' is flat

'Crescent' and 'Cross' will claim they serve a 'God'
So, is it 'incest' when 'sons' and 'daughters' of the same 'God' marry?

Before now, it was from whence you came..
'yanmiri' against 'gambari'
Now, it's what you claim
'Crescent' or 'Cross'
'People of the night's shade!' is it the 'Cross/Crescent's' curse or ours?

What divides us surely can't unite us..
The 'Cross' obviously divided itself (+) further divides us
and the 'Crescent' looks on, indifferent to 'chaos'
Oh! that I were 'Sango's' and She were 'Osun's'...
Then, we could be together..having many happily ever afters.

Monday, 4 July 2011

It's not me, it's them!

If i used to call but don't anymore
it's not my fault, facebook chat won't allow me
If i've stopped texting or 'flashing'..
It's because i hardly check my phone contacts
Nimbuzz wouldn't hear of it!
If i've never called you..
Never texted you,
just know i would have,
it's just that, i'm always 'on' twitter!
If i see you and don't recognise you
it's probably because you're different from your 2go avatar..
If you've been asking to meet me and we never have
it may be that, i've been waiting all this while on ebuddy
if you once told me your birthdate and i forgot..
Why didn't you put it on your facebook profile?
If you call me everyday and i still don't know it's you..apologies
i still think we'd 'talk' better on mxit
If i seem to call you the wrong name more often
pardon me,
It's your netlog 'username' that comes more readily to mind
If you read this piece,found it amusing and picked up your phone to call me..
You're so doing the wrong thing..
Because you should know i'd be on blogger typing another article..!