Friday, 3 June 2011

Cain & Abel. Wikielicks cables; 'The White House'

Officially, i shouldn't reply you
Personally, i think i must
because i've always been a democrat
so i've made this an unofficial correspondence
and yes, from the 'White House'
I still wonder why the 'White' makes you feel 'bad'
It really is 'White' and it's a 'good' place to live
especially for a 'blackman'..
I don't acquiesce to that bit about us being brothers..
'cuz you ain't black and you def ain't no nigger!'
Pardon the outburst in vernacular, i get like that sometimes when angry
Most assuredly, you, unflinchingly are an 'extremist'
i didn't put much stock in extremes before now
but that was before the 'White House'
If i seem to constantly use the word 'White'
it's not deliberate..i just can't help not reminding myself it's true
i'm really in the 'White House'; a black man!
Forgive the impromptu digression..and back to matters of state
i'm still very comfortable in the 'White House'
Four more years wouldn't be unwelcome
and there you were at 'Abbottabad'
feeling 'good' after being 'bad'
a cheap price to pay for a priceless stay
so i had to trade the 'pawn' to 'stay' the 'castle'
I've also read Macchiavelli; 'The Prince'
so 'good' prevailed over 'evil'...again
My empathy, if that notion irks you
it is what it is and that's what the people are saying
it's a democratic world afterall!
Pertaining us being of the same world..
I concur,
though i strongly feel the 'present' one suits you better..
with your 40 virgins which i have no need of
i have the 'First woman' in the universe..that's the sore fact!
But since i wrote the 'Audacity of Hope'..keep hoping then!
N.B. There will be no 'White House' seal on this communique, security policy prohibits its use for 'extremists'.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Cain & Abel; wikielicks cables.

In the beginning..
We reportedly were akin
Even in this life..
We belong in the same world,
the 'Third'
As the story goes
i was originally the first 'bad' one
and you; vice versa
i hope you know i disagree anyways
i just believe we had different causes
and we were just that..different
i don't believe in extremes
yet, that's my eternal curse..extremism
it's like 'suicide' and 'bomber' these days
the mention of one brings to mind the other
i can't remove it, this 'extremist' tag
sorry if i frightened you, using 'suicide' etc
it was just to push home the 'message'
i'd rather not use big words like that
if my mission was to bomb(ard) you
It seems we've strayed off the 'true path'
Accordingly, as the original script unfolded
we were 'different' and at the end..
I killed you and then ran..
God..excuse me, Allah knows where to..
Probably 'Abbottabad'..
But this was way before you made the 'White House'
and i guess that makes you feel even more 'good'
moreso, because of what the world is saying
that 'good has prevailed over evil'
How i wish i still had my 'things'..em..limbs!
Even my memory is failing me..
However, rejoice not
all hope is not lost
i still have 40 virgins..

'Red Devils and the Almighty'; Recap contd.

Villa: didn't disappoint by getting registered and with a classic strike at that..he must have scored that goal against Van Der Sar before judging by the way he re-enacted it perfectly..a beautiful precise goal to watch..his!
Rooney: one classic goal..he's got that sharp killer instinct anyday..should have been a shark had he not been human..a real striker!..though he spent most of the match contradicting his play-role..also guilty of 'Halleluya-ing' the referee or was he still warming up?..caught him scratching/stroking his balding/bald head after the game..looked cheated..
Abidal: got tested a lot..but stood his ground..firmly too!..if the plan was to break him, it didn't work..had an historic moment lifting the cup first as the team's captain..a someone saying FCB's racist? Maybe they missed that!
Nani: didn't disappoint..came on very sharp with his charismatic dazzling moves..which helped offset the disproportionate Barca hold on the game..would have been nice to see him score a very good chance he created himself..better luck next season though..
Alves: had it good all through..lowest moment was when he lost his cool temporarily and accused the referee of sight impairment..highest moment was him kissing the cup passionately..his girlfriend would probably have been jealous..wonder if Man. Utd players were too..
Scholes: will he ever retire? Came in late, but there was to be no repeat fluke-goal this time!
Messi: definitely proved he's 'El Messiah' by putting Barca back on top with a superb strike..was all babyish smiles afterwards looking like he'd done nothing wrong..rather, he did everything right but did a lot of people wrong in the's no wonder many love him..he's a disagreeable combination of humility and popularity..
Evra: was modelling for most of the match and i grudgingly had to admit his jersey was fitting..would be a nice career change if he considered it..moral of story; he should stay away from Messi in future..
Puyol: came in to show his curls..and everyone who was watching saw them..i believe?..
Chicarito: overheard some peeps debating if he played or not..but i definitely saw him about nine times..offside!
Keita/Affelay: i don't really think they wanted to play..keita atleast..Affelay looked goal-hungry though..
On the whole, a great game..haven't had a Champions League final this interesting in a while..props to both teams..Man. Utd fans should not see this as a slight on their's all in the spirit of the game..FAIRPLAY!..Arrivedeci!

'Red Devils and the Almighty'; Recap.

It was here now it's gone and all that's left is stories to tell and memories to share. On the whole, a great way to end the football season. Both teams gave a lot, more especially the 'Devils' for discerning football viewers would agree that they played an unusual pattern. Probably usual for 'Mourinho-led' teams, but for the 'Devils?', no!
As said earlier in the previous article 'a chance at vengeance?' and i quote, 'Man. Utd dosen't have the stereo-type players that can aggravate Barca to stop their daunting passing game but their fast counter-attacks could just make up for it'.
It sure did and earned Man. Utd their equaliser in the first half (an offside which the line official didn't catch[i believe because it happened so fast, that's Man. Utd!). A Fergie squad playing a Mourinho pattern without the usual 'Mourinho-type' players was deficient in my opinion and my kudos goes to Sir Alex for still putting up a fair fight.
Albeit, the encounter was mostly a one-sided affair, but was altogether an exciting clash with a lot of laughs, intrigues, highs, suprises and most certainly the lows. Thumbs up to the Camera crew..they did a fab job. Now, lets try to recapture some 'epic' moments of the match.
Sir Alex: showed he still had his 'grey hairs' in place with the formation he adopted and in the manner his wards took over the game in the opening minutes of the game..funny though the camera picking him coming back from 'peeing' (i think) after Pedro's goal..also thought maybe his seat was getting too hot..his jubilation of Rooney's equaliser also left much to be answered, made people say all was not well with the Ol' man..he just paused midway like.. 'why/what am i celebrating?'..
Ol' man Alex has a peculiar trait most people know..he's a winner and hates losing but somehow his stance in the second-half showed he knows when it's all over..he just sat there as if wishing he were somewhere else..and then..just then his hands rebelled..(almost felt like he was cruising on a Scooter-bike!)wonder if he was aware of that..we'll have to ask him then, don't you think?
But Baba's still a good sportsman despite the sorry loss he still held his head high and managed a fixated smile at the end of the overwhelming ordeal!
Pep G: This dude just loves standing or what? He had a worrisome first 15mins when it seemed his boys were out of touch..also had a look like 'i warned them to expect that.' when Rooney's goal came. Though, second-half after 2 more classic goals he must have been preparing for his next cup after the Champions League!
Van Der Sar: Was one of the worst hit by the Barca rampage. Lost his composure in the second half. Still can't ascertain if he was trying out an Indian snake dance when he should have been stopping Pedro's goal..was really twisted in an alarming position..but then i think his defenders sold him out a lot during the tie..didn't give enough cover and mostly just impaired his vision..definitely thought he looked re-tired at the end..very!
Valdes: someone said he was facebooking and tweeting for most of the game..he looked confident throughout..even Rooney's goal didn't dent him.
Giggs: Must have rued retiring with a game like this..somehow became so fast that the cameras couldn't pick him during the game..saw him once 'Halleluya-ing' the referee..frustration? didn't let his medal stay a minute on him..wonder why it offended him so much..
Xavi: Managed his share of the camera a bit moderately than 'El Messiah' but was inordinate in his use of damaging passes.
J.S. Park: Did more than his fair share of the work..but who says even good engines don't breakdown? Park had to park his 'Zhengzhou Nissan/Lifan' engine somewhere sometime after Villa's death knell..but he did well altogether.
Iniesta: Only saw him a few times but that didn't mean he wasn't there at all times!..looked likely to have had a goal he never did have..wonder how the cameras managed to capture him..
Valencia: Had an expression more fitting for a Mafia boss than a football player most of the encounter..did his job well..if not more than but it still didn't change the goal tally..Ol' man Fergie should have made more copies of him..
Pique: Didn't appear to have had much to do..stayed clean throughout which is uncommon..asides football i think he might have made it as a blood donor..his near own-goal was his most obvious scare..
Ferdinand: Was taking another competition with Evra more seriously..that of showing their jersey numbers!
Mascherano: Still think he's a square peg in Barca's perfect circle..had some mishaps probably because he was playing deeper than usual..and most suprisingly he kept a clean card-slate! But, he did well generally.
Fabio: Must have wished he were 8 years older for the match..almost imagined him in diapers while he was on the line-up..did very well..was sorry he lost his leg/nerve towards the end though..
Sergio: must have been wishing more finals were that easy..
Carrick: Think he was practising a new trick 'The Vanishing Act'. Ol' man Fergie certainly didn't like it and decided to let him 'vanish' for the rest of the game!
Pedro: lost so many 'could-have-been' classical goals but got his name registered anyway..
Vidic: remained unbreakable throughout..appeared to have been playing 'freeze' with Ferdinand just as Messi's goal-bound shot went by..thumbs up to the brave captain..he didn't desert his ship even when it sunk!

To be contd.