Sunday, 22 May 2011

Red Devils and the 'Almighty'; a chance at vengeance?

Doubtless, a lot of people in the universe are looking forward to May 28, 2011 for a myriad of reasons among which is the fact that it'll be a non-working day and as usual, it is customarily a period pegged for numerous leisurely activities.
However, one particular 'leisurely activity' pegged for May 28 is the object of this discourse and judging from the title, i bet you know which!
Needless to say that both teams are great sides going by their antecedents et cetera..and that, this re-match is one that will generate a lot of controversy before and after. The question being 'which side will win?'. Before jumping to any conclusions, i think it's best to do a little 'inventory' to see what each side has in 'stock!'.
Manchester United; The Three Wisemen
Sir Alex Ferguson is not a good coach/manager, he's a super coach/manager. He's regarded as the only 'irremovable' object in MUFC, the face one sees when thoughts of MUFC slips into ones mind. The genius responsible for transforming a team which hadn't won a league title in 26yrs into the best team in the world. He is also responsible for snatching the 1983 and 1991 cup winners cup from giants Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively while at Aberdeen FC,the last European trophies any Scottish side has won to date. Undoubtedly, Sir Alex is a master strategist,tactician and planner with unlimited experience at his disposal.
Invariably it's hard to imagine there were stoppers like Peter Schmeichel and former world best Fabien Barthez at Man. Utd before him, Edwin Van Der 'Sir' (pun intended) proved everyone who thought he was going to be a short term replacement wrong. Fast, agile, cool-headed with the uncanny ability to produce lightning saves, the 'Eagle' as he's wont to be called by fans is definitely one of the pillars that make the MUFC structure formidable.
Ryan Giggs; need i say he's the most decorated player in the squad? This dude surely has an 'anti-ageing' chromosome!. He has lived to tell the tale of so many destroyed defences, defenders and,incursive,resourceful and also a game-changer, Giggs is a phenomenom!.
Barcelona; The Trinity
The Feeder; Xavi Hernandez is an icon but you can still pretend not to see him if you want to, not because he's short but because he hardly calls attention off the pitch of play. He forms the apex of the 'Barca triangle' and he's famous for his penetrating passes.
The Ghost; He's visible, infact very corporeal. Andres Iniesta has a modest game pattern, dribbles when necessary, passes when necessary e.t.c, football is so neat with Iniesta and he seems to move at the speed of thought like a ghost!
The 'Messiless Spirit'; This guy narrowly missed being a pigmy but it all worked out in the end, two World Player of the Year awards attest to that. He already has a chair waiting alongside Pele, Maradona, Cruyff, and Di Stefano. Considered inhuman by many judging by his on-the-ball movements. So unstoppable is his combination of balance and acceleration and his lightning-quick on-the-ball decisions that he makes opponents appear to have been napping.
The Drivers
Both sides have a lot of fast, incursive players. For Man. Utd they're J.S. Park, Rooney, Giggs, Chicarito, Valencia and Evra.
For Barca; they are the trio of Xavi,Iniesta,Messi,then Villa, Pedro, Alves, Afellay,Bojan just to mention the most ambitous ones because the entire team could as well be drivers!
The Goal Machine
Despite a decrease in seasonal goal tally, it's still Wayne Rooney for Man. Utd. He a goal focused player that can make them from everywhere.
For Barca, the boot aptly fits David Villa. His arrival injected a cutting edge into Barca after Eto'os' departure. He can also swing goals as fast as mood changes.
The Jury
There's Anderson, Owen, Fletcher, O'shea, Smalling, Evans, Rafael et al.
Barca; Maxwell, Adriano, Affellay, Bojan, Suarez, Thiago, Sergio Roberto et al. Well, you might say i'm biased but i daresay Barca have a better Jury list to choose from.
What both don't have
Man. Utd dosen't have the stereo-type players that can aggravate Barca out of their traditional daunting passing game but their fast counter-attacks could just make up for that. Also they don't have the disadvantage of being topdogs and as such can go into the game with a balanced attitude.
Barca don't have the advantage of going into the game as underdogs..rather it's easy for them to become overconfident and this has cost them games in the past. However, they seem to have every other requirement including a Pep Guardiola who'll be looking forward to winning again at the same stadium where he won his first European cup for Barcelona in his first season as a player in 1992.
So who do you still think will win now?

Thursday, 19 May 2011

i still keep asking..

There are humans
as there, animals
both of the living
and there are some
living yet immobile
biologists would agree they are of the living
when the earth heaves
does it not release breath?
Should i not think it, alive?
And when a tree is felled
and it's green leaves shrink
with that fluid i mistake for tears
why can't we say it died
or appropriately, was murdered?
Yes, they talk of those far places
almost real when you can see speech
too vivid even the imagination can't comprehend
some say it's 'heaven', others 'shangri-la', the 'Great Beyond', 'Utopia', the 'Other Side'..
So and on..the names abound..
For me, i still keep asking
where did the tree go?
I'm still to hear it went to 'heaven!'
by touch and feel
the world, we conclude is real
still 'wisemen' demur
an illusion it be
not that i think these 'rantings' make me wise..
rather, it's the fool in me
who's found his voice
For, still, i keep asking..


read carefully
carefully write
in response
to these instances
sincerity is essential
admit freely your purest thoughts
what you would think
'If your girlfriend tells you..
she's reading late with her male classmate'
'Your husband calls to say..
He won't make dinner again..
due to overtime at the office assisted by his female secretary who is 'disturbingly' attractive'
'Your bestfriend, an habitual gambler
whom you've sworn off lending money
opens his mouth again to say..
Please, i'm going to need your help again..'
instinct is basic
but take pause before reacting
assumption is the mother
of all fuck-ups
it is also the father
of instant revelation
'tis that ambivalent state that leads
to action or inaction
so tread carefully
this path, before!

apt definitions from a book i read..

sex is of no joke, violence is a way of life, crime pays and religion's is just another cult.

Three Fairies Not Tree..

Three are the fairies which make even an intelligent man imbecillic. One, is wine which 'illiterates' all sobriety even those which the insane possess abundantly.
Two, is women over whom blood brothers would jostle.such wondrous power hath women that even money-love which is root-evil could not make such man clownish.
Three, is philtre/love which is much as well related to 'womanity'.

'supa ducklings'

Discovery is seeing what everyone is seeing but thinking what nobody's thinking. In my opinion, the problem with the Eagles is not money, encouragement, infastructure, or technical anything..
It's simply lack of of country..and the common football-loving people. Not that i'm extending blame here, it's quite the opposite, there's really not much to be patriotic about except perhaps, the dual-coloured flag or the national anthem.
We all (excluding a few) are guilty of unpatriotism for only a small percentage can claim to have done anything for the country, Nigeria. How much more then football players who have a rather long list of 'fallen heroes' living and dead?
Let it be known then that patriotism instils in one, drive/determination and a never-say-die attitude which our 'supa ducklings' seriously need to soar like the eagles they are supposed to be.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The single list of double things

They seem to say you; (not me) can't do two things at the same time..but i seem to think both of us agree that's a huge white lie with a grin on it's face!..
So, just because i care at least a little..i took a little time to compile a list of things you can multi-task, go ahead! Prove them wrong.
1. You can drink and drive at the same time..
Haven't done it yet but i've heard it's done..
Give it a try.
2. You can have two relationships at the same time..
If i've tried it?..too personal a question..don't ask..lets go on.
3. You can laugh and cry simultaneously..yep! This is one i can categorically say 'I HAVE DONE'..many times..hahahahahaha..have to stop now..don't want tears ruining this paper!
4. You most certainly have done this before..if you are an internet geek (if you are reading this on a screen, you qualify)..browsing while making droppings in the WC..heard there's better reception in's one i just might try.
5. You can lie and be truthful at the same time..there's something they call an you won't be called a total liar!'s safe, take a shot..but not at me..ok?
So i think i've to make pause here and get to other 'things'..try these for a start..will let you know if any other 'ideas' pop up, ok?..arrivedeci!
P.S, The writer cannot be held liable for any incorrectness or inaccuracy of information, nor any consequences or incident(s) that may arise in the event of attempting the above-mentioned actions.. WWE- Do not try these at home!
John Doe.

God, Man, The Tailor and Others.

God made man
The Tailor made the gentleman
God made man (again!!)
Man made money..then,
Money made man mad.

ain't poetry..

Anger wells..
mirrors it,
dark reflections..
Not with my nose,
I smell conspiracy..
When falling in love,
fear not my limbs..
Thou shalt not bruise..
no pieces i pick..
Fighting my feelings,
pray, not with fists..
'course it's not water i seek..
Seeing hunger on all faces,
seeing, yet not with sight..
Our desires..our Masters..
Slaves are to them..
Though chained,
not in chains..
In a state,but..
It's nowhere in the world..
My train of thought leaving,
though it leaves..
No steam it leaves..

Monday, 16 May 2011

In between the hills..

Of nothingness..
Of acclaim..
Of pride,
these are feelings,
the valley wroughts
enfolded in embrace..
reach the highest heights
all mountaineers seek
the very heights..
all pleasures peak
Of births,
Of life,
its very door..
Brute force might get you in..
But only 'gift' and 'talent' combined will help you there
The 'Valley'
the only part of the world..
Where man truly fits!
Its climb,
one many a man will make..