Thursday, 2 June 2011

Cain & Abel; wikielicks cables.

In the beginning..
We reportedly were akin
Even in this life..
We belong in the same world,
the 'Third'
As the story goes
i was originally the first 'bad' one
and you; vice versa
i hope you know i disagree anyways
i just believe we had different causes
and we were just that..different
i don't believe in extremes
yet, that's my eternal curse..extremism
it's like 'suicide' and 'bomber' these days
the mention of one brings to mind the other
i can't remove it, this 'extremist' tag
sorry if i frightened you, using 'suicide' etc
it was just to push home the 'message'
i'd rather not use big words like that
if my mission was to bomb(ard) you
It seems we've strayed off the 'true path'
Accordingly, as the original script unfolded
we were 'different' and at the end..
I killed you and then ran..
God..excuse me, Allah knows where to..
Probably 'Abbottabad'..
But this was way before you made the 'White House'
and i guess that makes you feel even more 'good'
moreso, because of what the world is saying
that 'good has prevailed over evil'
How i wish i still had my 'things'..em..limbs!
Even my memory is failing me..
However, rejoice not
all hope is not lost
i still have 40 virgins..

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