Monday, 21 November 2011

All for one, One for all.

A ‘goodnight kiss’ is a type of kiss..
The ‘goodbye kiss’ is also one..
Then there’s also the ‘remember me’ type..
‘Stolen kisses’ are one of the best..
And still some say, ‘first kisses’ are the better..
But there’s another which tastes like a ‘first kiss’..
Yet, longer-lasting like one’s last..
This is the ‘All for one’ kiss..
Which I think everyone should taste..
Not once..Nor twice
But all their kissing lifetime.    

Sound of silence

I hear him ranting
Cursing it seems to him
Ranting is it to me
I do not speak
To do, would break my monopoly
I’m smug in my intelligence
As unforgiving as his curses
Merciless and unyielding
His shouts and my silence
Like the will of two gods
He is harsh
Am i?
My silence will persevere
Not because they say it speaks louder
It is, the only option.

N.B; I wrote this piece after a quarrel with my old man. As it is with parents, you’re wrong even when you’re right and they’re right even when they’re wrong. What’s more? They can curse and you can’t...You wouldn’t dare! So, enter the silence…to counter the violence (Nice rhyme, ain’t it?). Anyways, I miss him and I love him for teaching me valuable life lessons and building this man who wrote what you’re reading now. [Laughs]

Hit and run

If my younger sister were to be cleaning dishes
And it mistakenly fell off her hands
It could be termed to be a ‘hit and run’
Because she wouldn’t tell mum about it

If a group of boys were playing soccer
And the ball mistakenly hit a nearby parked car
Shattering its windscreen
That could also be termed ‘hit and run’
Because they all would vanish in seconds

If I took my dad’s car out
And hit another car on the way
I might run, afraid of being made to pay
That certainly would be a ‘hit and run’

If I plan on falling in love with you
If I finally do like I did
If you allow me love you the way I should
If you trust me never to hurt you
If you love me in return
If we care for each other
We are both heading for a place I term ‘forever’
And that could never be a ‘hit and run’
·         * * * * * * * *

Beautiful, isn’t it? Same thing I thought. What you just read is a private communiqué between an admirer and my sister. In other words, a love letter (I wonder if they still exist!). I really shouldn’t have posted this (I could be sued…encroachment on privacy, jack lifting, copyright, intrusion into privacy etc so many charges...lawyers know their stuff!) because it’s supposed to be private but the urge to share was doubly overwhelming…(arrrgghhh! I could almost bite myself!). Anyways, hope y’all liked it? I still wonder if she said yes though…


Mirrors tell tall tales of me
Spin webby yarns of how good I look
Gift me dreams; lofty high
Where only thoughts; dare fly

Mirrors, speak so clearly to me
Let my eardrums drum
You, who is bereft of speech
Throb me near the breast
When you show me, Me

Me, make a painting
Capture me, reflect beauty
Now, then and forever
Sigh with me, lie with me
Hide the lies I tell me

Hide the lines; befriend me
Spare the bags ease my leaden heart/eyes
Mask them wrinkles, lend me amnesia
Mirrors, mirror what I plead you mirror
Glory me, do me honour.. Spare me, horror.