Thursday, 2 June 2011

'Red Devils and the Almighty'; Recap contd.

Villa: didn't disappoint by getting registered and with a classic strike at that..he must have scored that goal against Van Der Sar before judging by the way he re-enacted it perfectly..a beautiful precise goal to watch..his!
Rooney: one classic goal..he's got that sharp killer instinct anyday..should have been a shark had he not been human..a real striker!..though he spent most of the match contradicting his play-role..also guilty of 'Halleluya-ing' the referee or was he still warming up?..caught him scratching/stroking his balding/bald head after the game..looked cheated..
Abidal: got tested a lot..but stood his ground..firmly too!..if the plan was to break him, it didn't work..had an historic moment lifting the cup first as the team's captain..a someone saying FCB's racist? Maybe they missed that!
Nani: didn't disappoint..came on very sharp with his charismatic dazzling moves..which helped offset the disproportionate Barca hold on the game..would have been nice to see him score a very good chance he created himself..better luck next season though..
Alves: had it good all through..lowest moment was when he lost his cool temporarily and accused the referee of sight impairment..highest moment was him kissing the cup passionately..his girlfriend would probably have been jealous..wonder if Man. Utd players were too..
Scholes: will he ever retire? Came in late, but there was to be no repeat fluke-goal this time!
Messi: definitely proved he's 'El Messiah' by putting Barca back on top with a superb strike..was all babyish smiles afterwards looking like he'd done nothing wrong..rather, he did everything right but did a lot of people wrong in the's no wonder many love him..he's a disagreeable combination of humility and popularity..
Evra: was modelling for most of the match and i grudgingly had to admit his jersey was fitting..would be a nice career change if he considered it..moral of story; he should stay away from Messi in future..
Puyol: came in to show his curls..and everyone who was watching saw them..i believe?..
Chicarito: overheard some peeps debating if he played or not..but i definitely saw him about nine times..offside!
Keita/Affelay: i don't really think they wanted to play..keita atleast..Affelay looked goal-hungry though..
On the whole, a great game..haven't had a Champions League final this interesting in a while..props to both teams..Man. Utd fans should not see this as a slight on their's all in the spirit of the game..FAIRPLAY!..Arrivedeci!

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