Thursday, 19 May 2011

'supa ducklings'

Discovery is seeing what everyone is seeing but thinking what nobody's thinking. In my opinion, the problem with the Eagles is not money, encouragement, infastructure, or technical anything..
It's simply lack of of country..and the common football-loving people. Not that i'm extending blame here, it's quite the opposite, there's really not much to be patriotic about except perhaps, the dual-coloured flag or the national anthem.
We all (excluding a few) are guilty of unpatriotism for only a small percentage can claim to have done anything for the country, Nigeria. How much more then football players who have a rather long list of 'fallen heroes' living and dead?
Let it be known then that patriotism instils in one, drive/determination and a never-say-die attitude which our 'supa ducklings' seriously need to soar like the eagles they are supposed to be.

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