Thursday, 19 May 2011


read carefully
carefully write
in response
to these instances
sincerity is essential
admit freely your purest thoughts
what you would think
'If your girlfriend tells you..
she's reading late with her male classmate'
'Your husband calls to say..
He won't make dinner again..
due to overtime at the office assisted by his female secretary who is 'disturbingly' attractive'
'Your bestfriend, an habitual gambler
whom you've sworn off lending money
opens his mouth again to say..
Please, i'm going to need your help again..'
instinct is basic
but take pause before reacting
assumption is the mother
of all fuck-ups
it is also the father
of instant revelation
'tis that ambivalent state that leads
to action or inaction
so tread carefully
this path, before!

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