Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The single list of double things

They seem to say you; (not me) can't do two things at the same time..but i seem to think both of us agree that's a huge white lie with a grin on it's face!..
So, just because i care at least a little..i took a little time to compile a list of things you can multi-task on..so, go ahead! Prove them wrong.
1. You can drink and drive at the same time..
Haven't done it yet but i've heard it's done..
Give it a try.
2. You can have two relationships at the same time..
If i've tried it?..too personal a question..don't ask..lets go on.
3. You can laugh and cry simultaneously..yep! This is one i can categorically say 'I HAVE DONE'..many times..hahahahahaha..have to stop now..don't want tears ruining this paper!
4. You most certainly have done this before..if you are an internet geek (if you are reading this on a screen, you qualify)..browsing while making droppings in the WC..heard there's better reception in there..hmm..here's one i just might try.
5. You can lie and be truthful at the same time..there's something they call an half-truth..so you won't be called a total liar!..it's safe, take a shot..but not at me..ok?
So i think i've to make pause here and get to other 'things'..try these for a start..will let you know if any other 'ideas' pop up, ok?..arrivedeci!
P.S, The writer cannot be held liable for any incorrectness or inaccuracy of information, nor any consequences or incident(s) that may arise in the event of attempting the above-mentioned actions.. WWE- Do not try these at home!
John Doe.

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