Thursday, 19 May 2011

i still keep asking..

There are humans
as there, animals
both of the living
and there are some
living yet immobile
biologists would agree they are of the living
when the earth heaves
does it not release breath?
Should i not think it, alive?
And when a tree is felled
and it's green leaves shrink
with that fluid i mistake for tears
why can't we say it died
or appropriately, was murdered?
Yes, they talk of those far places
almost real when you can see speech
too vivid even the imagination can't comprehend
some say it's 'heaven', others 'shangri-la', the 'Great Beyond', 'Utopia', the 'Other Side'..
So and on..the names abound..
For me, i still keep asking
where did the tree go?
I'm still to hear it went to 'heaven!'
by touch and feel
the world, we conclude is real
still 'wisemen' demur
an illusion it be
not that i think these 'rantings' make me wise..
rather, it's the fool in me
who's found his voice
For, still, i keep asking..

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