Tuesday, 2 August 2016


We dance mindlessly in adversity’s face
sweat bodies; gyrating contortions of enraptured frenzy
Raucous voices raised in “Olodumare” cries
We sing mockery, fearlessly
Notes daubed in fear-killing satires‎
This revelry amidst‎ mystic oppression
The sheer dare-devilry!
Our vocal behinds in the faces of dissenting gods;
Cosmic elements tickled to see us suffer
With our dusty feet trample
Paint-caked palms crash
Like warriors of old, chanting
There will be no peace
For god, man: oppressor
Long as we breathe, this song will we sing
This dance we will dance
For now we understand
As our Ancestors did
This heart is a fragile thing
And a little deceit is good for it

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