Thursday, 8 September 2011


Hollow cries the belly
'nough bread to buy, no penny
waxing tunes in penury
Foundation Al-manjeri

Potruding heads and tummy
not good health; anomaly
home for lice and scabies
above, halo-like, angelic

It's we who shake weary heads and worry
They'll continue to live like fairies
gathering scraps, roots and berries
the rest they keep in bellies

It's a world like Peter Pan's; never-ending
what you get in the pan is yours, no lending
keep to the costume; be heart-rending
easily will you everyday get your happy-ending.


  1. hmmmm...............and what kind of person is content with only "d daily bread"?.....may God help us

  2. you should pay the 'North' a visit and see'll writes books..volumes!