Monday, 12 September 2011


Damages..hmm..let me give an anecdote to illustrate what 'damages' means in this context. Okay, here goes.. Boy meets Girl. Boy likes Girl and Girl vice versa. Boy has a previous engagement i.e fiancee/girlfriend e.t.c likewise Girl. Nevertheless, Boy asks Girl out and She says yes. Boy and Girl start dating with every other thing that comes with the dating package with emphasis (in quote; incase your eyes miss it) on the 'loving' aspect (the part carried out in secret places). They start having 'happily ever-afters' but did you guess? (Okay, i know..most Nollywood movies have this same plot!) Yeah, they soon fall out of 'love'..why? So many reasons..lets start with the masculine reasons first. One, Boy gets tired of 'loving' the same girl everytime. Two, He wants to move on (start 'loving' other girls) while still keeping Girl.. Three, Boy thinks..since Boy and Girl are already 'loving' one other girl and boy elsewhere, why not introduce more players..expand the playing field? Finally, Boy feels trapped/choked.
Now for the feminine reasons.. One, Girl didn't give her 'all' to initial boy like present Boy (Note that 'all' means body, mind, soul, money..with emphasis on body because that can't be retrieved!). Two, Girl has slaved (cooked, washed, spent and endured beatings too!) for Boy. Three, Girl can't stand the humiliation of being the second girl (demotion) since everyone in the vicinity already associates her with Boy. Four, Boy is the most accessible avenue for Girl to get daily 'loving!'.
Irreconciliable interests therefore results in an impasse..Boy says it's over, Girl says never. Boy tries to get other girls, Girl blocks him off. Boy seeks compromise, and Girl tells him he 'must' pay..yeah, here it comes 'Damages!'
And i'm not fibbing..this is not some Nollywood really happened (is happening..). Though an amusing story/incident..i seriously want to learn from i'd like you to tell me what you think about paying for..'Damages'

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  1. what i think? i think the boy is a total ass. after everything he wants another girl. i wont totally blame him sha, there are sumtins the girl shudnt have done without him "putting the ring on it" nuf said already but im sure it going to end badly. dameges should be paid.