Monday, 19 September 2011

'My Kiss'

My kiss; your alcohol
you could get high on it
Teasing as it's given
like in spoonfills
Feeding; bloom your lips like it's leavened
redder than roses
ruddier than pinched cheeks
My kiss; dole your lips,

My kiss; smoother than a full hiss
filling like sweet pee
held for too long,
then released
Gentle, bittersweet like a love-song
here and there, everywhere

My echo
make the rest of you, 'Jell-O'
My kiss; your heroin,
you might get 'used' to/by it
in using it, it's using you
Sweeter, saltier...tastier than punch
Lift you high enough to fly
with angels above

My kiss...bewitch
an itch, you feel
as my lips, they inch
On, in you
my kiss will live...
My kiss; your weed
it still, will fill, your need.

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