Monday, 12 November 2012


What’s real about you?
Is it your nails?
From somewhere in downtown Taiwan
Or your hair?
Probably from neighbouring Korea
Your skin-colour’s been replaced
For a more appealing ‘bright’
Thanks to European cosmetology
Oh! So you also have a flat belly?
Like we don’t know where that came from…
Now, you’re set to get silicon parts
‘Cause your chest-size suddenly troubles you
At first, I thought your eyes were yours…
But guess what?
They’re made from timber too!
Hmm… you seem to be lost
Bits and pieces of you everywhere…
But, in case you find yourself someday…
I would very much like to meet the real you.


  1. Bravissimo! Wicked, but admirable.

    1. I appreciate the comment and compliment both sir. Didn't intend to be 'wicked' sir.. Lol.