Monday, 17 September 2012



Where art thou?

O beautiful and bountiful maiden!...

Show thy face…and put shadows to shame

End agony to aching loins…this verse make worthy O maiden!

Why do you conceal ripeness so?

What evil is this?

Mine thoughts will do me death save care

I pray thee, show me you absent garment

Would that you’d come unto me O maiden!

Set me afire in finger doses

Do me until I’m undone

Expend till I lay spent

Would that you’d lower heaving chest to parched lips waiting

For as long as staff guides weary feet,

Loyal I am to thy watering hole

This bittersweet agony

This unending thirst…

If I may expire thence…O maiden,

Let it be in the cool of thy watering hole

Guide me to thine heart

Through the door between thy thighs…

And let at last my staff know peace.


  1. Such a beautiful poem, expressions of a lover worshiping at the altar of his love

  2. I'm compelled to agree with you. Your comment "expressions of a lover worshipping at the altar of his love" hooked me into acquiscence". Thank you.