Monday, 2 April 2012

A wish for a witch

       She’s a witch, my mother
       Or how could she be so strong?
       They were right, her foes
       My mother’s a witch
       That’s why she don’t sleep at night
       Watching me, hovering, protecting me
       That’s how she does those things
       Real men fear, dread…
       Like childbirth…
       How could she know what furrows my brow
       When still to unravel, burrows my soul?
       I might be poor now, I may be ugly,
       I may be useless…
       But dear God, I have this one wish,
       For me, spare this witch…
       For as long as she lives, how can I fail?


  1. p.s. font size too tiny to read

  2. sorry, I've been AWOL. hope the font's better now? :)