Monday, 2 April 2012



                Dreams are my affliction; they disease me
            Dreams drown me, fill me with sweetness
            Then disown me
            Rheumy dreams, lucid…pap solid
            I stir through

Storied dreams…folktale’s pleasure
            Agony of myths
            Bewilderment of legends
            Across these firmaments
            Reign I over Celestials
            Dreams, the writer’s ink
            Fuel this train of thought
            Oil this frenzied brain
            Let its engines steam vapour down
            And redefine gravity
Dreams; weapon of immortals
            Titan treasure, dialect of gods
            Dreams; a fool’s folly
            Rendezvous of soul and spirit
            Where Utopia opens…and Hades too

            Dreams; I dare dream
This chatter; dreams shatter
            New life, barter me.

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