Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Patience,Goodluck or Merit?

I am Dis(u) Fortune

my Father, Ill(i) Fortune

we've always been poor

and fear we always will

but Father says

if we have Patience,

we will get Goodluck

I struggled for an education

and struggled till graduation

but still i have no job

i'm still waiting on Patience

maybe i can have Goodluck

I tried starting a small business

but there's always power outage

plus fuel is expensive

my friends tell me i need Patience

so Goodluck can find me

I didn't have a wedding

but at least i'm building a family

my first son attends school

even if his only uniform is torn

if we adopt Patience,

Goodluck will change things..

The country is several months past 50

but i'm far older than her

I give no thought to pension

my graduate son should feed me now

Yes Patience all these years

Goodluck is surely coming..

Well, my son still has no job

and i'm tired of waiting

we've been advised to change our names

as if that's the problem!

To hell with Patience,

Goodluck can follow!

What happened to Merit?

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