Monday, 21 November 2011

Sound of silence

I hear him ranting
Cursing it seems to him
Ranting is it to me
I do not speak
To do, would break my monopoly
I’m smug in my intelligence
As unforgiving as his curses
Merciless and unyielding
His shouts and my silence
Like the will of two gods
He is harsh
Am i?
My silence will persevere
Not because they say it speaks louder
It is, the only option.

N.B; I wrote this piece after a quarrel with my old man. As it is with parents, you’re wrong even when you’re right and they’re right even when they’re wrong. What’s more? They can curse and you can’t...You wouldn’t dare! So, enter the silence…to counter the violence (Nice rhyme, ain’t it?). Anyways, I miss him and I love him for teaching me valuable life lessons and building this man who wrote what you’re reading now. [Laughs]

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