Saturday, 13 August 2011

'I, too, am Nigeria'

I, this greenland, fertile
embroidered by the translucent 'Benue' and 'Niger'
have known and been known by many
from 'Fodio' to 'Denham', 'Jaja', 'Clapperton' and even famed 'Kanemi'
All have walked me, free from foe or enemy
by now, you all should know me
need i still say, 'I am Nigeria?'

There in 'Abuja', lies my cousin, 'Zuma'
He, too, is 'Nigeria'..
I span the reach of the 'Creeks'
where 'Jaja' played, whilst a slave
Therein, i dump most of my liquid emission
which my sons; and the rest of the world, crave
Farther down my private parts
concealed from eyes by bushy paths
I spew forth in abundance ...
and, 'Moremi's children are the heirs of that
magnanimity, my character
with laughter i daresay
I, too, am Nigeria

And in the plains of my pectorals
you'll find sons of 'Fodio' and 'Kanemi'
The 'Hausa/Fulani'
makers of 'Fura' and the 'Nunu'
gotten under the watch of 'Mother'; 'Full Moon'
and in the heat of day
when 'Father's gaze is harshest
their cattle steadily, may multiply and graze
'Do you still doubt, I, too, am Nigeria?'

My cousins 'Olumo' and 'Obudu' give respite to mine children
and still others give gems like gold; and oh!
In 'Enugu', coal!..'more than enough to mine, children!'
One, though, you will find me in six regions
Dignity, Strength, Fertility and Tranquility, my best features
With pride, I say 'I, too, am Nigeria'

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